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I'm a featured artist!

Wow, I've been featured on HandmadeFuzion front page and their blogs! You can click on the link below to see.
How cool is that! It's my first time as a featured artist anywhere. :)


Moo cards

I've just got my first set of MOO cads, and they're sooo cute! If you don't know what these are, they are sort of miniature business cards, with captions of your Flickr photos on one side and your URL on the back. Very pretty! And they fit in any purse or wallet. I made them to advertise my www.jewellia.com site.


Embroidered necklace - in progress

So this is a bead embroidered necklace I've been working on for quite some time now... The stones are onyx and serpentine. Not sure how to continue from this point, though. Should it be symmetrical or asymmetrical? What do you think?


Wow, that giveaway was fun! I think I'll make it a habit to do a giveaway or some kind of a monthly promotion thing for my site on the beginning of each month. What do you think?

And this ring I custom made for a wife of my collegue. It's very cute, and he told me she loved it!

Pearl earrings giveaway!

Pearl earrings
Originally uploaded by Isabeau_bijoux
Get a chance of winning these sterling pearl earrings! For details, check my blog at

Jewellia website opening

Tomorrow I will be opening my new website for my jewellery, Jewellia.
To celebrate, I will hold a giveaway for a pair of earrings tomorrow, Monday 13 Oct, on my Blogger! - http://isabeau-bijoux.blogspot.com/ Don't forget to check in to win!

Sep. 23rd, 2008

Gosh, I re-read some of my earlier posts, and there were some many spelling mistakes and typos! I'm so ashamed! I'll take a moment later to correct them, for sure...
In the meantime, I've set up a shop on the new handmade and crafts site, www.handmadefusion.com. My shop is at www.handmadefusion.com/stores/Jewellia. The site is new and looks nice, with lots of categories. Check it out!
I'm also working on my site - I still have much to do, but it's coming along.


This has been a horrible, horrible weekend so far. I caught a mild cold, and can't bring myself to do anything other than watch TV and eat. :( There go all the plans of finishing the website and catch up on my reading... Also I've been having rather drastic mood swings in the past two days, like really drastic. Maybe it's the cold, but it really annoys me. I just want to be my normal creative self, not this emotional wreck...


"Caudalie" bracelet

"Caudalie" bracelet
Originally uploaded by Isabeau_bijoux
Caudalie is a French term used to define the time that the aftertaste of wine persists in the mouth; generally, the greater the length, the better the wine.
I bougth the clasp a long time ago - it really caugth my eye! I was waiting to do something equally pretty with it, I hope it works...
In this bracelet, garnet rondelles in two subtle shades and cuts on sterling silver headpins compose the length of the bracelet, along with sterling beads and a decorative sterling clasp in the wine theme.

"Warrior Queen"

"Warrior Queen"
Originally uploaded by Isabeau_bijoux
The shape of this unusual pendant reminded me of a shield, and the overall sense of power of this bold piece made me name it Warrior Queen. The name was acctually inspired by the warrior queens of Scala, from a book series by Lynn Flewelling (great read!).